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Our passion is helping leaders build cultures that deliver.



Today's managers build an environment that allows people to achieve the organization's objectives, not because someone is telling them to but because they want to. They not only understand the organization's goals, they believe in them and are committed to them. They believe in themselves and there is a deep-seated trust throughout the organization. Managers today are environment builders, not people pushers. This is leadership.


BlueKite can help you to:


  • get your people working together for the good of the whole


  • build a work environment that maximizes your people's desire to contribute


  • enrich your people and your bottom line through the joy of work

Culture is one of the most important – and most challenging – aspects of organizational transformation. It is also often ignored. This is not surprising. An organization’s culture is all-encompassing and intensely personal, which makes changing it an especially demanding journey.


Transforming organizational culture demands much more than applying a standard methodology. It demands the attention of the organization’s senior people. It demands strategies for change built on insight and compassion. It demands a lot of work and patience.


No organizational transformation can be successful in the long term without cultural transformation. Aligning the organization’s culture with the new way is what leads to sustainable gain. With the right approach – an approach tailored to the specific needs of the organization – an organization’s culture can be transformed into a powerful engine for change.


BlueKite can help you implement cultural change so that your organization’s invisible foundation supports the achievement of your transformational goals.

Cultural Transformation
Governance, Accountability & Structure

Ideas are important and choosing the right idea in which to invest is critical to an organization’s success. However, study after study demonstrates that the really successful organizations are differentiated from the rest by their ability to implement. We live in a time of immense distraction. When governance and accountability are weak, the distractions (i.e., today’s fires) block strategic movement. Strong governance facilitates creativity. As staff’s commitment to budget and timeline constraints grows so does their desire to seek out innovative solutions that allow them to meet these constraints. A culture of disciplined delivery is the foundation for a culture of creative thinking. 


BlueKite can help you build and put in place the governance, accountability processes and structures that heighten the ability of your people to stay focused on your strategic objectives and to deliver on-time and on-budget. Your people will get an increased sense of success as they see themselves delivering projects that are aligned with their organization’s strategic intent and your organization will find itself en route to a high-performance culture. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

“As my organization looked for external help to develop an integrated business planning approach, I was hoping at most for help on the process front (defining the timeframes, the tools, the measurement strategy). However, we got much more than that from Ron and his team: we had the pleasure of working with professionals who helped us move the markers on both the content and the people issues.  They understand that a process doesn't give you much if the people don't agree on where to go and how to get there — their work was enormously helpful in helping us build and deliver against a real business plan.   Further, I appreciated their profound sensitivity to supporting the individuals who make up the team.”

Leslie MacLean - Health Canada

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