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 We value exploring, growing and sharing ideas that make a difference.


Leadership in the Era of The Knowledge Worker:
Staying in the Land of the Quick


They used to say that there were just two types of people in the Old West – the quick and the dead. Well, in the era of the knowledge economy the phrase might well now be that there are just two types of organizations, the quick and the dying. We are using an out-of-date lens to search for leaders. If we want our organizations to be among the quick rather than the dying, the time has come to change that lens.



The Delivery Engine:

Rediscovering Lost Lessons on Corporate Governance


The first step in almost any program for change is building a culture that embraces and thrives on the disciplined implementation of ideas. The Delivery Engine accelerates the development of such a culture.



Damn the Ideas - Full Speed Ahead


To achieve successful transformations, leaders must develop a culture that celebrates implementation efforts at least as much as the genesis of new ideas. Successful transformations focus on the implementation phase, in which doubts and criticism may make it difficult to maintain the strategic focus required for success.


What Drives Customer Satisfaction?
Powering Up Your Customer Satisfaction Engine


What are the drivers of customer satisfaction? What does an organisation need to pay attention to in order to build customer satisfaction? This paper makes the case for there being four key drivers of customer satisfaction.


What Our Clients Say About Us

I had the pleasure of hearing Ron speak. His presentation inspired my management team. After you have spent time with Ron, your leadership and management approach will be changed in a positive way, all to the benefit of your organisation’s performance.


Bob Cunningham, (former) CEO, Customer Service Direct (a British Telecom company)


Leadership for an Industry 4.0 World


The world is entering its fourth Industrial Revolution, often called Industry 4.0. While Western economies ruled the first three Industrial Revolutions, the economies that will dominate a 4.0 World are unknown. The future is up for grabs. The question is, what will the differentiator be for winning organizations? 


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